All Bars in Madrid

The sign outside the Terral bar in Calle de Santa Isabel, 14, Madrid

This is a hip bar on the very top of Lavapiés. As the owners advertise it is a mix of many things: a bar, an ecological restaurant and an area of “free” art. In fact its walls are lined with art of various types from a Reservoir Dogs mural to a huge portrait of an old man.

Outside the Txakolina in La Latina, Calle Cava Baja 26, Madrid

As the “tx” in the name suggests this is a Basque tapas bar specialising in that region’s “pintxos”. The place is standing room only and even then you’ll have to fight to get a place at the bar.

Outside of the Taberna de los Ángeles, Calle de Costanilla de Los Ángeles, 8, Madrid

A very rustic old fashioned Spanish bar that has been around forever. A little bit touristy but they do good cider and food from Galicia. It’s a good place to stop off when making the journey from La Latina to Malasaña.

Outside El Diario de Huertas, Calle de Las Huertas, 69, Madrid, Spain

This is a tapas bar with a large selection of tapas but not your fancy pants kind that you’ll find in some of the more modern Basque bars.

Bar Guide The Blegger - Sensory overload at El Imperfecto

A small bar that is absolutely reaming to the brim with tat, but nonetheless good. Already the entrance beckons you with blue and green neon lights but when you enter: lamps, chandeliers, disco balls, pictures, photos and mirrors every inch of this bar is filled with something.

The sign at Los Gatos bar in Calle de Jesús, 2, Madrid

A nice little tapas bar with extremely bizarre furnishings. From the street lamp post in the middle of the bar, to the skeleton mural and the bull fighting paraphernalia, everything is a little out of place but at the same time; we are in Spain.

The neon signs outside Laser Karaoke, Calle de las huertas, Madrid

Normally I wouldn’t dream of recommending a Karaoke bar but I was convinced to go in and I have to say it’s worth a mention. It was set up in the 80’s and I don’t think it has changed one bit. When you first walk in you spot a vintage sofa that’s dressed up like the back of a 50’s Chevrolet.

 Areia Colonial Chill Out from The Blegger Bar guide, Calle Hortaleza, 92, Madrid

Looking for an oasis in the middle of the city? The Arabic decoration, cushions and low couches makes this is a great place to chill out and relax. They used to even put sand on the ground but I’m kind of glad they stopped.

Outside María Bonita Taco Bar - Lavapiés, Calle Olmo, 23, Madrid

This is a great little Mexican bar at the top of Lavapiés. Strangely, in Lavapiés it is pretty hard to find a good place for Mexican food. (There are probably 100 Indian places though).

Outside Café Isadora, Malasaña, Calle del Divino Pastor, 14, Madrid

Named after the pro-soviet American dancer Isadora Duncan, this bar is a little more sophisticated than most in Malasaña. It is an old fashioned bar that still seems relevant and modern today.