My Favourite Madrid Blogs in English

Madrid Beer Guide favourite blogs
Madrid Beer Guide favourite blogs

This is a list of my favourite blogs about Madrid in English. They're not all about bars. For that we have The Blegger! I hope you enjoy:

My Little Madrid

This is a very regularly updated blog with short, to the point articles on new and fun things to do in Madrid. It has a very personal touch and even has funny little blue sketches of the author at the places of interest. All the articles are written first in English with Spanish following, so if you're learning Spanish, this is a good place to come.

The site has a wide range of subjects such as bars, restaurants, shops and museums etc. If that isn’t enough, there are rarer things like painting or cooking classes and even some random articles; for instance I found one on getting your bag repaired?!?

My Little Madrid also sells a hard copy book so if you're traveling to Madrid and don’t have roaming this could be nice to order before you get here.

Naked Madrid

This is a very well laid out, great looking site. They have regular long articles with beautiful photography. Naked Madrid reviews bars and restaurants but often has more in depth articles on subjects as to where to find the best brunch or cosy wine bar etc.

On this blog you can find tips on activities such as cycling, workshops or trips to the surrounding towns. In addition Naked Madrid provides a few services for recently arriving expats such as housing searches and language classes.

Madrid y Yo

Madrid y Yo is Spanish for Madrid and Me, a blog set up by two friends. The authors say it’s “an inventory of unique places” and the best way I can describe it is that it's a blog with a sun bleached summer feel.

They review bars, coffee shops, restaurants and shops. They are currently adding new sections which should be very interesting. I can’t wait to see the “coffee with” section where I presume they will be interviewing interesting people from around the city.

Cheap in Madrid

As the name suggests this is where you can go to find all the cheap deals in Madrid. They have a large team of editors which makes the site full of content but not so personal. The articles are short and to the point.

They have all sorts of information from bars and restaurants to tours. I recommend using the search function as the lack of a layered menu makes it can be a little hard to find what you want.

Madrid Chow

James Blick a seasoned food writer and in Madrid Chow he gives us his personal take on eating and drinking around Madrid. Most articles are short and to the point but he also mixes very long detailed articles in. I like his extreme closeup photography of the delicious dishes and his recommendations are usually spot on.

Oh Hello Spain

This blog is the most personal of all of the blogs I’ve listed here. Oh Hello Spain is about Kate Turner, an English girl, living in Spain. It’s not only about Madrid but all of her travels around Spain and further afield. It has great insights to living in the city but it’s not an easy place to search for information. This is the sort of blog you want to subscribe to and follow Kate’s expat journey, learning about Madrid with her.