La Latina

La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid

La Latina is actually the oldest area of Madrid as such it is filled with small streets lined with bars. Here it is typical to spend the night “tappeando”, a Spanish version of pub crawling, where you have a tapa and a caña in every bar. The bars here are medium to upmarket but there is something for everyone.

The area is especially popular on Sunday afternoon. The feeling is more like a Saturday night in any other city. The streets are crowded with people drinking and eating.

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Inside Windguru, Calle Cebada, 9, Madrid

A bar with a surfing theme. Fitting as we are 350km from the nearest beach. A young drunken crowd means this place is always fun.

Inside Lamiak bar in La Latina, Calle Cava Baja, 42, Madrid

A great place with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. Unpretentious with simple decoration but a lively atmosphere. Great for a few beers and tapas any day of the week.

Outside El Bonanno bar in La Latino, Plaza del Humilladero, 4, Madrid, Spain

Most of this small bar is taken up by the bar itself. This has the advantage of it always being easy to get a spot at the bar. Even if you don't there's a ledge going around the walls of the bar so there's always somewhere to put your beer.

The famous Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid

This is a traditional food market that has been renovated and converted into “culinary space”. The traditional stalls selling raw ingredients have been replaced by bars and selections of unique tapas.

Outside the Txakolina in La Latina, Calle Cava Baja 26, Madrid

As the “tx” in the name suggests this is a Basque tapas bar specialising in that region’s “pintxos”. The place is standing room only and even then you’ll have to fight to get a place at the bar.

The full length windows at La Trastienda Taberna, Travesia De Las Vistillas, 13, Madrid

La Trastienda is a small bar with views onto the Vistillas Park which slopes steeply behind the palace. The bar does not have a terrace but during the summer the open full length windows give you a similar feel if you’re lucky enough to get a table at one of them.

Maria Pandora - Champañería Librería from the street, Plaza Gabriel Miró, 1, Madrid

Maria Pandora is located in the quiet area of La Latina, away from the crowded party streets so famous on a Sunday afternoon. It is a self proclaimed library come champagne bar and it succeeds in being as much a place for romantics as intellectuals.

bar El Vlajero in La Latina, Plaza de la Cebada, 11,Madrid

El Vlajero is a bit of a classic in La Latina. With three floors it’s one of the largest bars in the area and it has recently been refurbished with a clean, light, hip atmosphere.

bar Vaova in La Latina, Calle del Humilladero, 6, Madrid

Vaova is a colonial, African inspired cocktail bar in the heart of La Latina. From the outside it doesn't seem like much.

Bar Mar y Ola, Calle del Almendro, 25, Madrid

Mar y Ola is Spanish for Sea & Wave, as the name suggests it's a seafood bar. Seafood is hugely popular in Spain and there are literally hundreds of restaurants dedicated to it but as far as bars go this place is relatively unique.